New research shows AI-based automated quantitative coronary angiography (AI-QCA) holds promise for accurate analysis of heart disease (Toronto, June 12, 2023) – New research published in JMIR Cardio reveals the remarkable potential of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in analyzing coronary angiography, a common diagnostic procedure for coronary artery disease. Led by Dr In Tae Moon, the study conducted at Uijeongbu Eulji University Hospital in Korea showcases the power of AI-based quantitative coronary angiography (AI-QCA) in enhancing clinical decision-making.  The study compared AI-QCA to intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), to validate its performance. IVUS is a widely used imaging tool to assess coronary artery stenotic lesions. Simply put,Read More →

New research highlights the potential of wearable sleep devices to improve sleep health among marginalized populations and identifies possible barriers to the acceptance and adoption of wearable technologies. In a new study, titled “Acceptability and Usability of a Wearable Device for Sleep Health Among English- and Spanish-Speaking Patients in the Safety Net: Qualitative Analysis,” researchers found that wearable sleep devices hold promise in positively impacting sleep health among marginalized populations. Sleep disorders can lead to many health issues and disproportionately affect marginalized communities, highlighting the importance of monitoring sleep health. This study, published by JMIR Publications in their journal JMIR Formative Research, investigated how participantsRead More →

  Source: Freepik Copyright: Racool_studio URL: License: Licensed by JMIR The burden of mental health disorders is among the top 10 causes of disease burden worldwide, and evidence shows no signs of reduction since 1990. To reduce their impact on the global population, more effective prevention and treatment programs should be implemented, with access to care remaining one of the core pillars of successful interventions. In parallel, digital health apps have become one of the most visible faces of the ongoing digital transformation in health care, and digital mental health apps (DMHAs) are among the most downloaded condition-specific apps. Although a match between mentalRead More →

Source: Copyright: Drazen Zigic Licensed by JMIR Dr Zhraa Alhaboby, an academic in health sciences at The Open University (OU), has published a study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research highlighting the scale and impact of cybervictimization on those living with long-term conditions or disabilities. Sadly, people living with chronic conditions experience harassment in both offline and online contexts. In this study, cybervictimization is used as an umbrella term for negative online experiences, which the research found to be a significant public health issue with serious consequences. The research examined the scope of cybervictimization among adults living with long-term conditions in the United KingdomRead More →

iCHECK-DH checklist

Global experts have developed a new checklist called iCHECK-DH (Guidelines and Checklist for the Reporting on Digital Health Implementations) to improve the reporting of digital health implementations and facilitate the identification of key success and failure factors. The adoption of this checklist can lead to the development of more effective digital health interventions and better health outcomes. (Toronto, May 16, 2023) A group of global experts have developed a checklist to improve the reporting of digital health implementations, as introduced in a new study published on May 10, 2023, in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The new checklist called “iCHECK-DH” (pronounced “I checked”) standsRead More →

Fitterfly’s diabetes digital therapeutics program shows real-world effectiveness in improving glycemic control and weight management among people with type 2 diabetes mellitus A new research study published in JMIR Diabetes evaluated the real-world effectiveness of the Fitterfly Diabetes CGM digital therapeutic program for the management of glycemic control and weight in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The study led by Shilpa Joshi, Arbinder Singal, and colleagues found significant improvements in both blood glucose levels and weight management in participants enrolled in the 90-day program. The Fitterfly Diabetes CGM program, delivered through the Fitterfly mobile app coupled with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, provides usersRead More →


Virtual consulting is a new and emerging contributor to environmentally sustainable health care, according to findings of new research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to virtual consulting, leading to its growing use. As health systems across the world strive to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, a critical question arises: what is the impact of virtual consulting on environmental sustainability in health care? A new research study led by Sara Shaw and team aims to address this question. The study, titled “The Role of Virtual Consulting in Developing Environmentally Sustainable Health Care: Systematic Literature Review,” was publishedRead More →

Source: Image created by the authors Copyright: Dr. Iredia Olaye URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) A new study was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research on April 27, 2023, titled “The Gap Between AI and Bedside: Participatory Workshop on the Barriers to the Integration, Translation, and Adoption of Digital Health Care and AI Startup Technology Into Clinical Practice.” The study, conducted by a team of researchers led by Dr Iredia M Olaye of Weill Cornell Medicine, CEO of Covered By Group (a future technology innovation, investment, and advisory firm), aimed to describe the barriers to integrating and adopting digital health andRead More →

JMIR Publications is recognized among the top 500 fastest growing companies across the Americas (Toronto, April 13, 2023) JMIR Publications earned a spot on The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2023, raking 369 on the 2023 list, announced by the Financial Times on March 28, 2023. The annual report is the fourth edition ranking the fastest growing companies in the Americas, including companies from North, South, and Central (Latin) America. “It’s an honor to be recognized on the Financial Times list,” says Gunther Eysenbach, CEO and Executive Editor at JMIR Publications. “JMIR Publications recognizes and thanks the dedicated work of all employees, editors, peer reviewers, and authors inRead More →