Source: The authors Copyright: The authors URL: License: CC-BY For more information or to interview spokespeople, please contact Genevieve Lazar, Communications Officer at FiMT on or 07305 149150. London, United Kingdom, June 21, 2022:  A new smartphone app, which has been made available to the public today, has been found to be successful in helping UK veterans to reduce alcohol consumption. The 28-day brief alcohol intervention app was tested with more than 120 UK veterans as part of a trial funded by Forces in Mind Trust. After using the Drinks:Ration app, veterans consumed 28 fewer units of alcohol (approximately 9 pints of standard UK beer) overRead More →

Source: Freepik Copyright: URL: License: Licensed by JMIR A recently published study ( suggests that health systems need a mixed integrative and collaborative redesign strategy to build a resilient supply chain while minimizing costs and complexity, and making it responsive enough. The research team at the Health Administration Research Consortium at the University of Colorado Denver studied the strategies used by major health systems around the United States to address current and future supply chain challenges. Their article titled “Integration vs Collaborative Redesign Strategies of Health Systems’ Supply Chains in the Post–COVID-19 New Normal: Cross-sectional Survey Across the United States” found that health systems decideRead More →