Source: Freepik Copyright: ijeab URL: Licensed by JMIR Researchers from Osaka University developed a comprehensive ethical framework and practical guidance for electronic communications with participants in medical research. Osaka, Japan – Since its inception, the internet has fundamentally changed all parts of human society for both good and ill, and medical research is no exception. The fast pace of change enabled by digital technologies means that ethical guidelines may not address all the issues that arise in modern research. To help solve this problem, researchers from Osaka University performed an ethical analysis based on the eight ethical principles for clinical research, and they proposedRead More →

Source: WI-HER, LLC Copyright: WI-HER, LLC URL: License: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Vienna, VA – April 14, 2022 – Despite an immense global effort, the HIV epidemic remains a threat and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Strong antiretroviral therapy (ART) continuity can suppress the viral load of HIV to undetectable levels for people living with HIV, but barriers to ART treatment continue to impact HIV epidemic control. For men and children, ART continuity and thus viral load suppression (VLS) are disproportionately low, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. To address these barriers, in September 2020, WI-HER—through the USAID Social and Behavior Change Activity (SBCA)—implemented theRead More →